Woods and Water SC

Woods and Water SC

A Saturday show dedicated to South Carolina’s outdoors! 3-4 pm on 94.5 WGTK The Answer or listen live via stream or download our mobile app and listen on your smart phone.

Questions for Roger?  Call in live  877-235-9405.

With all the technology that consumes our day to day lives, it’s time to “unplug” and get outside. Whether you are a seasoned outdoorsman or have never spent the night camping in your own backyard, this hour is for you. Hiking, fishing, camping, hunting, cooking and maybe even some outdoor photography will be talked about on the show. What’s more, I want you to call in and be a part of the conversation. Do you have a question, a funny story or just want to share your opinion, the phone lines will always be open. Whether you go solo, with friends or your family, I want you to spend more time discovering South Carolina outdoors.

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