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After 32 years Spartanburg Sheriff Wright can finally call the case closed thanks to new DNA testing methods

Authorities said Monday that DNA helped them identify the man who killed a neighbor in South Carolina 32 years ago, but the killer is now dead himself.

Spartanburg Sheriff Chuck Wright announced the details of the solved case Monday during a news conference.

Wright said 44-year-old James Larry Smith, a Marine veteran, was attacked and beaten with a hammer by an intruder in his home on Dec. 3, 1987...

It the first days of Fall and allergies are strong as ever.

(WSPA) Fall allergies are here and people in the Upstate are already dealing with them.

Dr. Jaime Lagos is a Physician at Allergy Partners of the Foothills.

He says 30%t of the population deals with allergies.

Dr. Lagos says allergies can cause symptoms like itching, sneezing, stuffiness and dripping.

He also says in your eyes allergies will cause watery and itchy symptoms...

Perhaps AOC needs a reminder that DC residents can vote like any other US Citizens

(via Fox News)  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., called on Thursday for Washington, D.C. to receive statehood, indicating that residents didn't have the "right to vote."

"DC was the 1st territory in the United States to free the enslaved. It’s where Black Americans fled the tyranny of slavery & towards greater freedom, to DC. Yet today it’s where 2nd class citizenship reigns, and the right to vote is denied," she said...

Contact her Washington Office here

A Fatal crash kept I85 Southbound busy this morning on the way to Anderson

(via WSPA)  Southbound Interstate 85 was shut down for several hours following a deadly crash in Anderson County.

Troopers say two tractor trailers crashed on I-85 South near Exit 27. The wreck happened around 2:45 a.m. Thursday about five miles north of Anderson.

One semi truck was on the shoulder of the interstate when it was hit by another semi, according to

Lance Cpl. Joe Hovis with the S.C. Highway Patrol said a Georgia man driving a 2017 Kenmore tractor trailer was parked on the shoulder of I-85 South when he was hit by another tractor trailer that ran off the side of the road...

BI-LO recalls Peanut Butter Cookies. Check out the details here.

(Via WSPA)

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Southeastern Grocers has issued a voluntary recall for two 18-count cookie products sold in BI-LO stores. The recall is due to the undeclared allergens found in the product.

The 18-count variety pack containing peanut butter cookies and the 18-count peanut butter cookies did not include peanut ingredients on the label.

These products were sold in all Southeastern Grocers stores, such as Winn Dixie and BI-LO, Fresco y Mas and Harvey Supermarkets. The cookies had a shelf-life of five days...

Cheerleaders in North Carolina are on probation for posing with a Trump 2020 banner

(AP via WYFF) A high school cheerleading squad in North Carolina is on probation after some cheerleaders posed with a banner supporting President Donald Trump before a football game

Stanly County Schools Superintendent Jeff James told The Associated Press in an email Monday that the warning was levied by the North Carolina High School Athletic Association...

The New York Times has printed an essay containing new allegations of misconduct surrounding Justice Brett Kavanaugh

(AP via WYFF)  Several Democratic presidential candidates on Sunday lined up to call for the impeachment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in the face of a new, uninvestigated, allegation of sexual impropriety when he was in college.

Kavanaugh was confirmed last October after emotional hearings in the Senate over a sexual assault allegation from his high school years. The New York Times now reports that Kavanaugh faced a separate allegation from his time at Yale University and that the FBI did not investigate the claim. The latest claim mirrors one offered during his confirmation process by Deborah Ramirez, a Yale classmate...

Today 94.5 WGTK The Answer Remembers...

It was 18 years ago that, at 8:46am, the first plane struck the first World Trade Center North Tower. That was the moment when life in America was forever changed. Shortly after that, we watched in horror as a second plane flew into the South Tower. President Bush soon confirmed our worst thoughts and fears were true; we were under terrorist attack. Two more planes filled with innocent souls would be used as weapons by those who sought to destroy our nation. Flight 77, at 9:37, struck the Pentagon. The fourth aircraft would become the site of one of the most striking battles against terrorism, in this writer's opinion. Flight 93 would land in a Pennsylvania field after a small group of determined passengers, patriots, would attempt to retake control of the aircraft from the terrorists. These men and women, without question, saved countless lives by preventing those terrorists, instruments of evil if you will, from reaching their intended target. A target we will, thankfully, never know.

This Morning 94.5 WGTK The Answer spent some time sharing with our listeners their memories of that day. Now, via our friends at WSPA, we have a list of events here in the Upstate where you can join in remembering and honoring all those lost and the heroes who were there to try to help.

Drew Brees gets heat from the LGBTQ community over support for Bring Your Bible To School Day. Ben Watson comes to his defense.

(Via FOX NEWS) Veteran NFL tight end Benjamin Watson said Monday the backlash his former teammate Drew Brees received for his involvement with a Christian group was unfair.

Brees, the New Orleans Saints quarterback, was criticized for working with Focus on the Family to promote national Bring Your Bible to School Day. Focus on the Family has been accused of being anti-gay and for promoting “conversion therapy,” a practice used to change a person’s sexual orientation...

A surprise call from SC Senator Dwight Loftis as he weighs in on the Drew Brees Bring Your Bible To School conversation.

Frm Gov. Mark Sanford is IN for the 2020 GOP Nom, But SC's GOP have other ideas after voting NOT to hold a Primary.

GREENVILLE, S.C. – (WSPA) Former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford is hoping to unseat President Donald Trump as the next Commander in Chief, but GOP party leaders in the Upstate say it’s an uphill battle.

“I don’t think even Governor Sanford believes he would win a South Carolina primary,” Nate Leupp said.

Leupp is the Chairman for the Greenville County Republican Party.

Sanford hopes when voters cast their ballots in Republican primaries next year they will choose him over Trump...

Hear Greenville GOP's Nate Leupp and SC GOP's Drew McKissick talk about Mark Sanford and explain the vote for no Primary

Greenville needs YOUR vote to be the "Top Adventure Town"!

There is no question that Greenville is a great place to call home. We enjoy so many choices in what we can do and see here in what some might call "God's Country"!

Now we have a chance to let everyone know how great it is here in the Upstate.

Blue Ridge Outdoors is doing a poll and Greenville is among ten “medium town” contenders in the race for “Top Adventure Town.” Other towns that made the list include Boone, NC, Bristol, TN/VA and Evans, GA.

Let show our pride and make sure Greenville gets the title it deserves! Vote Today!

As evacuees come to the Upstate to avoid Dorian, local businesses get a boost!

Business owners in downtown Greenville knew the first week of September would make for a big boost in revenue. Labor Day weekend and the prospect of college football fans arriving early for a widely anticipated game between Clemson and Texas A & M meant more tourists and visitors were coming to town.

However, Hurricane Dorian produced an unexpected boom in business, according to some business owners. June Wilcox owns M Judson Booksellers, a mainstay on Main Street...

Listen to The Weather Channel's Ray Stagich as he joined the Morning Answer Thursday to update us on the latest with Hurricane Dorian

Check here for the list of shelters ready to help those affected by Hurricane Dorian

(FOX Carolina) Though Hurricane Dorian is expected to downgrade to a Category 2 storm by the time it reaches the Carolina coasts, the states are still preparing for the worst. 

South Carolina Governor McMaster has already ordered a mandatory evacuation for coastal counties. Lane reversals from Charleston to Columbia began Monday, September 3. 

For those seeking shelter from the storm when it arrives around Thursday, the South Carolina Emergency Management Division has released a full list of emergency shelters...

Get the latest on Hurricane Dorian from our friends at The Weather Channel

Hurricane Dorian has finally begun its long-awaited march up the Southeast coast today, but not before delivering one last punishing blow over the storm-fatigued northwest Bahamas.

Dorian's wind intensity has backed off from Sunday's peak, currently a Category 2 hurricane. Regardless of its intensity and track, Dorian will have significant, damaging impact from Florida's Atlantic coast to parts of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and possible southeast Virginia this week....

Hear what Weather Channel Meteorologist Ken Boone had to say about Dorian on The Morning Answer this morning!

Hurricane Dorian drops to Cat 4 but still is a threat to Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina

McLEAN’S TOWN CAY, Bahamas (AP)   

Authorities in the Bahamas are urging people to find floating devices and grab hammers to break out of their attics if necessary as Hurricane Dorian unleashed massive flooding across Grand Bahama island. 

Minister of State Kwasi Thompson told ZNS Bahamas radio station Monday that officials were getting a tremendous number of calls from people in distress as the powerful Category 4 storm slowed to almost a standstill.

Fmr. VP Joe Biden continues to court voters while visiting the Upstate

SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – The current front runner for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination visited the Upstate Wednesday.

Former Vice President Joe Biden held a town hall at Cleveland Park Event Center in Spartanburg.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden in the Palmetto State today making multiple stops and talking to supporters and laying out his campaign agenda....

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