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SC based Air Force F-16 crashes during training exercise killing the pilot

SUMTER, S.C. (WSPA) – A pilot was killed Tuesday night in a plane crash at the Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter.

Shaw Air Force Base officials said the pilot was flying a F-16CM at about 11:30 p.m. during a routine training mission when the crash happened.

Officials said the pilot’s name will not be released for at least 24 hours after their family has been notified.

John Wayne Airport in California may be headed for a name change

(AP) – In the latest move to change U.S. place names tied to racist groups and ideas, leaders of Orange County’s Democratic Party are pushing to drop film legend John Wayne’s name from the county’s airport because of his racist and bigoted comments.

The request was immediately contested by the head of the county’s Republican Party, who condemned the comments but touted Wayne’s contributions as an actor and philanthropist.

The Democratic Party of Orange County adopted a resolution last week condemning Wayne’s “racist and bigoted statements” in a 1971 interview and called on the county’s board of supervisors to drop his “name and likeness” from the airport. The resolution asked the board to restore the name to Orange County Airport...

Clemson City Coucil hold emergency meeting to discuss Face Masks

CLEMSON, S.C. (WSPA) – The City of Clemson announced city council will have an emergency meeting Wednesday to discuss an ordinance, which would require people to wear face masks within city limits to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

According to the ordinance, everyone would have to wear a mask or face covering in public places or settings within city limits.

The ordinance lists the following places and situations when people would be required to wear a mask:

  • Inside any building open to the public, such as, but not limited to, grocery stores, pharmacies, business locations, home improvement stores, retail stores, service establishments, and medical and dental treatment facilities;
  • Inside all City of Clemson buildings;

(Click on title for full article from WSPA)

Another Monument to come down, this time in Charleston

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — Officials in the historic South Carolina city of Charleston voted unanimously Tuesday to remove a statue of former vice president and slavery advocate John C. Calhoun from a downtown square, the latest in a wave of actions arising from protests against racism and police brutality against African Americans.

Council members approved the measure 13-0 at a late-day meeting. The resolution authorizes the removal of the statue of the former U.S. vice president and senator from South Carolina from atop a 100-foot (30-meter) monument in downtown Marion Square...

NC's Gov. Cooper orders Confederate monuments removed

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP/WSPA) – North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper ordered the removal of Confederate monuments on Capitol grounds in the interest of public safety, the governor’s office said Sunday.

In 2015, a law passed in North Carolina after the Charleston Emanuel AME Church killings, prevents the removal or relocation of objects of remembrance located on public property. While Cooper has called for the repeal of the law, it remains in effect.

The law does, however, include an exemption if the monument poses a threat to public safety.

“I have ordered the Confederate monuments on the Capitol grounds be moved to protect public safety,” Cooper stated in a news release Sunday. “I am concerned about the dangerous efforts to pull down and carry off large, heavy statues and the strong potential for violent clashes at the site. If the legislature had repealed their 2015 law that puts up legal roadblocks to removal we could have avoided the dangerous incidents of last night. Monuments to white supremacy don’t belong in places of allegiance, and it’s past time that these painful memorials be moved in a legal, safe way.” (Click on the title of this article from WSPA to continue reading)

GPD needs your help with info on the vehicle that drove through the crowd of protesters Monday at Tanners Big Orange

GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) -Greenville Police Department officials issued a statement Wednesday in regard to an incident that happened at an Upstate restaurant earlier this week.

We reported earlier that police were asking for the public’s help in identifying a driver of an SUV after an incident during Monday’s protest at Tanner’s Big Orange.

While dozens of protesters gathered outside of the restaurant, some said the driver of the SUV intentionally swerved at them while driving through the parking lot of the restaurant.

Police said earlier that they were not sure, they are investigating the incident and wanted to question the driver...


Hear John Zeller's view of just what went on that lead to the Monday protests at his restaurant

Peaceful protest over local restaurant owner's controversial social media remarks, gets marred when driver aims vehicle at crowd

(WSPA) – Dozens of people protested outside of a Greenville restaurant on Monday, saying the owner made some questionable comments on social media.

“I’ve always had very good relations with the black community here. People who know me know I’m not a racist,” the owner of Tanner’s Big Orange Restaurant, John Zeller, said.

John Zeller had to close his restaurant on Monday because of the demonstrators.

He said the post he made was “foolish, provocative, and inflammatory.” He then summarized it for us...


Hear the story in John Zeller's words from his call to our very own Joey Hudson on The Morning Answer

As worried customers empty store shelves local doctors tell us what we actully need in preparation for a coronavirus quarantine

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – First it was the hand sanitizer that was flying off shelves and now it’s a slew of other supplies like toilet paper. But some doctors 7 News talked to said it’s all a little much.

“Toilet paper, the bread wasn’t too much gone, tissue next,” Spartanburg resident and grocery delivery driver Daisha Hollis said.

Daisha Hollis is listing off what she’s seeing in area grocery stores or in some cases what’s missing.

She does a lot of shopping. In fact, it’s her job.

“People download an app on their phone, they order whatever they want. I go out, I shop it and I deliver it,” Hollis said...

The list of Local and National event cancellations and postponements grows

From the NCAA to the NBA to NASCAR and MLB, even Disneyland, there are closures and postponements being announced seems almost every minute. Protecting each other from the coronavirus is the top priority. Here at 94.5 The Answer we are working to keep you as up to date as possible as to the status of events both here in the Upstate and around the US. Through the efforts of our host of The Morning Answer with Joey Hudson, we have been able to confirm that Greenville Triumph Soccer is postponing the start of the 2020 season. We have also received word that The Swamp Rabbits Hockey has been temporarily suspended as part of the EHL plan to help stem the spread of the virus.

Our friends at WSPA have compiled a list of Upstate events that have either been postponed or cancelled. Click the title of this post to see if your plans have been changed by COVID-19.

'No raises for State Workers' says the House as they OK the $10B budget

(AP) — South Carolina House Democrats warned their Republican colleagues who killed proposals Tuesday to give state employees an across-the-board raise that they are going to keep losing good workers.

They also hinted those remaining may decide they’ve had enough and take a page from teachers by rallying on a work day.

The $10 billion budget which was given key approval Tuesday by the full House offers $42 million in raises and bonuses, but sends that money to agency leaders to dole out as they wish.

The budget also provides a $3,000 raise for all teachers, $100 million for repairs to rural highways, $100 million to improve safety at state prisons and $128 million set aside so every South Carolina tax filer would get a $100 rebate...

Santee Cooper sale has also been a HOT topic in Columbia. Click here to listen to our conversation with Dr. Oran Smith of Palmetto Promise about the status this contentious situation.

Hobart Lewis claims victory as your new Greenville County Sheriff

(WSPA) – Republican Hobart Lewis has won the special election for Greenville County Sheriff in a landslide over Democrat Paul Guy.

Lewis won the race with over 75% of the vote in Tuesday’s election.

Lewis will take over the sheriff’s office from Interim Sheriff Johnny Mack Brown.

Brown was appointed to the position by Governor Henry McMaster after Sheriff Will Lewis was removed from office following a criminal conviction for statutory misconduct of a public officer...

Click this article to see the results.

Greenville working to protect us from coronavirus as we head to the polls in today's sheriff election

(WSPA) – Greenville County Election Commission officials said they are taking precautions to protect voters heading to the polls Tuesday amid the coronavirus outbreak.

According to Greenville County Election Commission Director Conway Belangia, they will be sanitizing the voting machines before people start voting in the special election for Greenville County Sheriff, and then will sanitize again in the afternoon.

Belangia told us that they are currently working to put hand sanitizer in polling places, but said they are finding a hard time finding hand sanitizer....

Spartanburg may be the first confirmed coronavirus case in the Upstate with 5 more in other parts of SC

(WSPA) – Health officials are investigating additional possible cases of the coronavirus in South Carolina, including one in Spartanburg County.

As of Sunday, four presumptive positive cases were identified after testing for the virus.

“DHEC received presumptive possible results for four additional people who were tested for the Coronavirus, COVID-19,” said State Epidemiologist, Dr. Linda Bell.

These cases are in addition to the two presumptive positive cases we reported earlier this week.

That brings the total number of presumptive positive cases to six in the state...

Preparations underway in Greenville for the potential of Coronavirus coming to the Upstate

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA)- The City of Greenville is taking steps to prepare for the coronavirus.

No cases have been confirmed so far in South Carolina, but there are cases in all its neighboring states.

Greenville city leaders are taking steps to keep city employees healthy so they can continue to serve the community.

Greenville’s employees pick up trash, fight fires, help keep the community safe, maintain roads, drive buses, and keep parks beautiful.

“You want all those services to continue, and that starts with our employees staying healthy,” said Beth Brotherton, who is the director of communications for the city.

We all have questions about COVID-19 and the CDC has some answers

There is a lot of misinformation about the COVID-19 virus, also known as Coronavirus. The CDC has provided us a website where we can better understand how to protect ourselves and those around us. We can also get a better idea what to expect in the event we are exposed to the coronavirus.

Prevention is simple and begins with understanding. According to Infectious disease expert Dr. Charles Chiu at UC San Francisco, The principal mode of transmission is still thought to be respiratory droplets, which may travel up to six feet from someone who is sneezing or coughing. The new coronavirus isn’t believed to be an airborne virus, like measles or smallpox, that can circulate through the air. “If you have an infected person in the front of the plane, for instance, and you’re in the back of the plane, your risk is close to zero simply because the area of exposure is thought to be roughly six feet from the infected person,” said Dr Chiu.

Check this link to the CDC and get the facts.

"Sunset" resolution fails in Greenville County Council keeping 1996 anti-LGBTQ resolution on the books for now

(WSPA) – A Greenville County Council meeting was packed Tuesday as its members voted on a resolution that would “sunset” resolutions after four years and would expire resolutions that passed before 2016, including an anti-gay resolution from 1996. That resolution says the traditional family structure is in accord with community standards and that the lifestyles advocated by the gay community should not be endorsed by government policy makers.

Chairman Butch Kirven said more people came to Tuesday night’s meeting than in all his years on council...

The Coronavirus is close to home with 2 confirmed cases in GA

ATLANTA (AP) – State officials say Georgia’s first coronavirus cases have been confirmed in two people in the same Atlanta area household.

Gov. Brian Kemp announced the cases at a news conference late Monday.

Officials said the two cases in Fulton County include a man who recently traveled to Italy, and both patients have isolated themselves at home with other relatives.

As Coronavirus fears surge Sanitizer and Facemask supplies run short in stores

(Tribune Media Wire) U.S. drug stores, retailers and suppliers are racing to keep up with surging interest for cleaning products as fears over coronavirus intensify.

Demand for products like hand sanitizers, face masks and cleaning wipes has spiked, according to CVS, Walgreens and others. CVS warned it may cause supply shortages.

“This demand may cause temporary shortages at some store locations and we re-supply those stores as quickly as possible,” a spokesperson for CVS said.

Bath & Body Works, owned by L Brands, said Thursday that its hand sanitizer business was growing in the wake of coronavirus...

US Schools re-evaluating plans in anticipation of Coronavirus

(AP) – Schools across the United States are canceling trips abroad, preparing online lessons and even rethinking “perfect attendance” awards as they brace for the possibility that the new coronavirus could begin spreading in their communities.

Districts have been rushing to update emergency plans this week after federal officials warned that the virus, which started in China, is almost certain to begin spreading in the U.S. Many are preparing for possible school closures that could stretch weeks or longer, even as they work to tamp down panic among students, parents and teachers.

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