RADON: Second leading cause of lung cancer

You often hear me talk about our partnership with True Air Technologies and the valuable service they provide. As an odorless and invisible gas, radon is virtually undetectable in homes. This is a major concern, as long-term exposure to this harmful pollutant can cause cancer as well as other upper respiratory issues. The EPA says Radon is the Number#1 cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. That is why True Air Technologies offers reliable radon testing and mitigation solutions that are sure to rid your home of this toxic gas and keep your family safe for years to come. It’s very affordable and you don’t even notice the testing equipment in your home for the couple of days it’s there. Are you unsure of whether your home has dangerous levels of radon? Schedule a radon mitigation cost estimate today with True Air Technologies…they proudly serve homeowners in the Carolinas.  Merritt Gantt, President/CEO of True Air Technologies, joined me for a few minutes to talk about the importance of having your home tested. Take a minute to listen and then TEXT the keyword RADON to 877-235-9405 to be eligible to win a certificate for a free Radon test in your home.

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