Is a GOP Primary Necessary in 2020?

With the 2020 Presidential election just around the corner there has been a lot of discussion about President Donald Trump being nominated for a second term at the Republican National Convention in Charlotte, NC next year.  Former SC Governor Mark Sanford is considering a challenge with former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld and former Congressman Joe Walsh already announced. Walsh served only one term in Congress and what kind of “republican” can be elected Governor of Massachusetts? Neither of these two gentlemen are hardly qualified to be President. Mark Sanford, maybe in another life?  The real question is why change horses in the middle of the race? Donald Trump prevailed in the most crowded GOP Presidential Primary in history. What can we learn in another primary that we don’t already know about Donald Trump?  I have talked with a number of GOP party activists who do not see the need in going through the process in 2020 for many reasons. I agree.  Let’s save our resources, get behind Donald Trump and get him re-elected in 2020.  I spoke with Greenville County GOP Chairman, Nate Leupp, recently and he seems to agree.

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